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Mystery Ghost Tour for Two Cape Town


If ghosts and ghouls are your passion then this is the ideal experience for you! Setting the scene, your evening will begin with a short introduction and history of the paranormal. From here you will climb into your vehicle and join a convoy of intrepid ghost hunters for an evening of entertaining stories, mystery and paranormal encounters. This tour is sure to send shivers down your spine as you scour the local haunts of Cape Town looking for those elusive spirits. Several stops are planned during the evening to keep you entertained, such as, The Kimberley Hotel or Wynberg Club and of course Tokai Manor House, and The Castle of Good Hope, which has seen paranormal activity since 1915. Another favourite stop is entering the cemetery!
Eerie story-telling and haunted music add to the chills! There will also be some dramatically recorded scary sound effects and EVPs (which are electronic voice phenomenon). Some audience participation is expected as you will use some strange dowsing rod apparatus to detect the existence of invisible energies and force fields around you. Your evening ends at the starting place with a bonus dramatic recording of ‘SA’s Most Famous Ghost’!
Don’t forget to bring along a camera and a torch, and an umbrella in case the weather turns!



• Scary stories
• Interesting facts
• Spooky supernatural adventure
• Entertaining illuminations and special effects
• Thrilling mystery self-drive tour of the Cape’s haunted spots


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